Yield Management Solution (YMS)

YMS (Yield Management Solution)

Our company's yield-enhancing management solutions (YMS) is a complete solution for scientific data,. It is composed of the engineering data analysis systems (EDA, Engineering Data Analysis), improved defect management system (DMS, Defect Management System), management Dashboard (Dashboard), report Builder (Report), machine detection analysis system (FDC, Fault Detection and Classification). Under our professional services, your company could use YMS solutions to activate data library intangible assets.

Our products have a visual user interface, and our professional team support technical teaching. It make the user be a SMART data analyst. Products provide users with a variety of statistical analysis and Data Mining approach, users can quickly and efficiently find the variant (Root Cause Analysis) reason of the manufacturing process from person, machine, material, method, measured. Our products have been in the "Semiconductor ", "FPD", “Solar ", “SSL: Solid State Lighting / LED)", "PCB", "IC design "," packaging and testing "and other high-end manufacturing to get recognition.

YMS System Architecture

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YMS System Architecture

YMS System Architecture

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