Equipment Healthy Management (xEHM)

#2 : xEHM

Equipment Healthy Management

xEHM is EHM off-line analysis tools by xEHM you can understand EHM's Raw Trace Data, and then separate Raw Trace Data to few paragraphs and alignment process signals with the Auto-window tool of xEHM appropriately, finally by the Auto-indicator get eigenvalues, then it can do correlation analysis with the other sources in YMS systems or create model.

EHM data (Equipment Healthy Management) comes from semiconductor machine is the most typical Big Data. Each machine has sent tens of thousands of data per minute, you can’t image how fast how big data be accumulated. xEHM create for Proper use of these most primitive, the most subtle information, so that it can be combined with the SPC (Statistical Process Control), APC (Advanced Process Control, also known as RtR), YMS (Yield Management Solution), VM (Virtual Metrology) and other methods to meet the needs of one-stop-factory management, to enhance the quality and productivity goals.

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