Corporate History

Corporate Vision

The full name of XDM is “Excellent Data Master”, we want to remind ourselves anytime anywhere to be an excellent data expert and be the master of our customers. In company strategy and roadmap, we always have the plan to achieve “Excellent Data Master” including EDA tools, technical consulting and training service. Be a good partner with our customers is also our wish. Our customers include the front-end to the back-end of semiconductor industry.

Our Team

XDM’s data expert team members come from three field : (1) Information Technology; (2) Analysis Methodology; (3) Semi. Process integration. We have a dream and we want to make it come true: “make data analysis more popular and easier”. We design our solutions from user’ view point and keep continues improvement with our customers.

Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to help customers improve the efficiency of data analysis and decision-making and performance.